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Pre-Engineered Bldgs are very common in the Western countries since 1955.Now-a-days Pre-Engineered building technology....
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Multi Storey line

Why steel?

Usage of steel columns and beams are very common in Western countries for multi-storey construction. Especially the steel construction has much Advantages over the R.C.C. Structures Such as Fast and easy construction. Composite construction reduces the self weight & Lower dead load reduces the frame and foundation loading.

Longer Span with fewer columns allows more space. Decking profile provides safe working platform. By using decking profiles, it is suitable for light weight concrete without additional structural framing members. Ceilings and services can be easily suspended using Holowedge and Alpha clip system…etc.

Steel buildings can have better earth quake resistance and resistant to sudden impact… etc.Also it is very clear and everyone aware that steel has better flexible behavior, which can have better resistant to earth quake…

Steel Buildings like pump house Shelters etc
Pipe Rack Structures for various Refinery Projects.
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